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How to Start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost

How to earn money online it is the basic question who want to enter into the online world or want to make a career online, there is an endless method of earning online, but here in this post I will explain here how you can make money with starting a blog, thousands of people earning thousands of dollar monthly through their blog you also can earn. It’s easy to start with Bluehost, your consistent effort make a sustainable income through it.

Starting a blog is easy but to make it profitable is a outcome of lot of learning, Have you seen a doctor a lawyer and chartered account they invest years to learn the skill then they earn huge money, likewise blogging is also an art and a skill if you invest your time and effort to learn & apply your learning in the right way definitely you can make fortune out of it.

And more importantly dedicated effort brings you the positive result and you need to be stubborn enough, do whatever it takes to be successful in blogging.


Niche Selection

Don’t worry bloggers makes a fortune out of blogging. Actually, anyone can make money with blogging. Pick a niche or topic that you love and start writing an article on that, why I am saying that because when you pick a niche you like, that will not make you bore in the long run, Sometimes it takes 6 months to one year to be successful in blogging.

I am not saying here that you start full time initially start it part-time with your day job when it gets you results then you can give your full time.  This is the beauty of blogging without disturbing your day job you can start.

How to Start a Blog

I think you may be thinking here that why no start a blog for free with Blogger or other platforms, but that is not a good idea because of the blogger and other free platforms, you will get the limited option with free. And not SEO friendly because its take lot of time to rank an article on google. Anytime they delete your blog without notice and that is even not scalable. Because advertiser doesn’t prefer free blog if they have full-fledged blogs in millions already better than the free platform.

With your own property, you can do anything that you want with that, you have freedom and full authority.

Choose the Name of Your Blog

Now after selecting a niche you need a name of your blog I will suggest here that if your audience is global than take dot-com domain if you have a specific country audience like India then you can take DotIn domain. But Dot Cop always the best option.

Bluehost Plan

Bluehost is one of the web hosting companies, you can start your own blog with them for as low as $2.75 a month ( with this low price) less than a cup of coffee you can start a blog. if you choose 12 months or more hosting with my link you will get a domain free. I will recommend you buy 12 months. You can save a lot of money on the yearly plan if you starting out, but the best value would be purchasing a36 month plan as your monthly rate is much lower over the long run.

You can start your blog with Bluehost it is very low price just $2.75 per month and most reputed in the world majority of blogger start their journey with Bluehost if you sign up using my link you will get a free domain.  And I highly recommend you start with a 12 months plan you it will save you lot of money if you want a better deal that would be purchased for 36 months, your monthly rate is much lower over the long run.

If you are serious about making money out of it and turning it into a business and paying for your hosting through Bluehost a great idea. You can do whatever you want with your blogs like selling your own product, affiliate marketing or self-branding that could be tough for you on a free platform.


Why Bluehost Only

There are many reasons behind it, honestly, Bluehost one of the best hosting services the main reasons are as follows:

  • Anyone can create a WordPress  blog with Bluehost because it’s easy to use interface
  • Bluehost offers extremely great technical support.
  • Extremely affordable blog hosting just starts with $2.75 per month.
  • You get a FREE blog domain with Bluehost

The Process To Start With Bluehost

  • Go to Bluehost website and click “Get Started Now” button
  • Click on the package you want to go with
  • Signup for a new domain that you want/or enter your domain name here if you have bought earlier.
  • Fill your personal and payment information.
  • Then you will be asked to enter a password, create a password.

That’s it, if you face any problem contact directly to customer care live chat or call they are extremely helpful.

Let’s talk about the costs of blogging:

To get the cheapest price go with the basic plan for 36 months the cost is $2.75 per month, which is a great price.

If you signup for 24 months, then the price is $3.75 still a good choice and extremely affordable.

If you take it for 12 months then the price is 4.95 is extremely affordable and cheap

Think in this low price you will get a free domain for full one year is a good choice, isn’t it?

If you take it for 3 years you pay just$99 and if you pay yearly then you pay $57 per year and for 3 years you pay 3×57=$171 and save full $71.

Now the choice is yours what is suitable for you.

Connect Domain With Hosting

If you have purchased your domain through Bluehost then you don’t need to connect.

If you have bought your domain through another domain provider like Godaddy, then you will need to connect your domain and hosting

Easy Steps

How You Can Modify Your DNS Nameservers Domain from Godaddy And Hosting From Bluehost with easy steps:

  • Log into your Godaddy account manager
  • Select Manage Domains from the domain names drop-down menu or manage your account list.
  • Select the domains name you wish to modify and then click set name servers.
  • Enter your Bluehost name server in the spaces provided by Bluehost and update.

Theme Selection

Installing WordPress through WordPress is very easy, Install WordPress and create a username and password, after installing WordPress install a theme to make your blog design beautiful and SEO friendly MyTheme Shop themes are most popular, SEO friendly and super affordable, install a theme that you want. There are free themes also you can select but free themes have some limitations, a choice is yours.

Email Provider

Now here if you are looking an email service provider to send newsletters to your subscribers and want to build an email list to grow your business fast GetResponse make it simpler for you, its easy to use, with unlimited templates and ready-made design, almost for every need like popups, squeeze pages, forms etc.

This post will be helpful to start your blogging journey if you have any doubt or help please contact me freely through the email.

You can go to read a full review of GetResponse

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