free traffic sources

Free Traffic Sources To Drive High Quality Traffic To Your Website

free traffic sources

If you want to make money online then you need traffic, without traffic everything is useless if you have money you could run a campaign but that’s not a guarantee that you will make money out of it, paid traffic is not for everyone its rate growing higher and higher.

It could be mix up of paid and free traffic, paid also not profitable if you don’t know how to set up a successful campaign the money you invest is gonna be wasted.

Free traffic sources are evergreen and useful it takes some time, after making a name for yourself its totally free and high convertible as well, in the long run.

There are a few ways through which you can drive traffic to your website, blog or affiliate marketing or your own products.

Quora To Drive Free Traffic

Quora is the first platform that is the most trusted platform for free traffic sources, it’s a question-answer website people hang out there to seek the solution to their problem.

Every niche is covered on Quora on the earth, the Quora traffic in billions and a trusted website in terms of solutions.

How To Use Quora

To make Quora work for your needs to create a solid profile and your picture, make sure to complete the whole profile.

The traffic of Quora is pretty much converted well,  and easy to use even a newbie can drive traffic from there to his website. It’s totally free traffic as well as a backlink to boost the ranking of your website.

To drive targeted traffic to find a question related to your niche and answer them, and write an answer in details, it should solve a problem.

The write five answer of a question and live two links of your article is a good ratio if you break the rule chances are Quora ban you.

And don’t publish the same question and answer repeatedly this is against the policy of Quora, you have to follow the policies of Quora to get maximum benefit, every time gives a unique answer so that you can become a brand in the eye of your readers and gain maximum followers.

Guest Posting To Drive Free Traffic

Guesting posting a very quick solution of your worries regarding traffic its free and fast. It’s like a content marketing.

Guest posting increases you traffic 10X or even 100X depending on which site you are writing for.

Write content for other site related to your niche before that find every detail possible about the website like da pa and traffic. If you are writing for high volume traffic site then you will get an abundance of traffic in no time.

Make a list of website that accepting a guest post in your niche and start shooting mail today.

You will get traffic as well as backlink at the same time that will rank higher in the Google search engine. It’s a dual benefit.

SEO To Drive Free Traffic

SEO always a one of the top evergreen traffic source and Google is the no. 1 search engine in the world. When somebody needs anything they just put their keyword in the google and google shows the top possible search result based on some parameters.

So every online marketer focuses on Google organic search because this is only one that drives big traffic to your blog or website.

To drive most targeted traffic you have to understand the SEO technique, how search engine optimization work.

How to use off page SEO and off page SEO?

How to write search engine optimized content that Google love?

There is a lot of factors to get google attention, it’s an ongoing process, you have to focus from day one to get the maximum outcome out of it.

SEO always evolving itself always, keep updated yourself with new trends and topic of Google.

Write content that people love not you keeping the search algorithms in mind.

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Use tools that are helpful in SEO ranking for keyword research Google Keyword Planner google own platform and absolutely free to use, Google Trends what is a most trending topic within your niche help a lot.

If you wanna go with an advanced tool but that is all paid but worth it SEMrush and Ahrefs you can find there most accurate data that will save your effort and time.

You can use Yoast SEO plugin for on the page, would be helpful when writing content gives you insights.

To fetch google attention your article length matters a lot try to write a lengthy article rather than a short article. And that should be a unique and original piece.

If you are new you can’t beat high authority who have thousands of backlink go with low competition keyword and effort they’re to come on page one. Don’t compete with a big site that is wastage of time and effort.

Twitter To Drive Free Traffic

The tweeter is a most effective platform to drive free traffic, this is one for the many marketers who drive traffic to their site, they know how to use it.

If you want to drive traffic you have to learn the technique from tweeter to your website it’s a tricky business and you can grow your traffic like crazy and free of cost.

You can automate your tweets here like Pinterest, to do that read this blog post how to automate your tweet and get more engagement.

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Final Thought

Driving traffic to your website not as hard as you think it’s a question of consistency and patience tryout all these methods on your blog, I am super sure you can take your blog to next level with free traffic sources.

you should start collecting email to send the newsletter with the help of this tool to get instant traffic.

But the thing is that you have to prove yourself that means consistency without breaking that’s the strategy nothing else. Blogging is business treat it like a business, if you wish, set the website and wishing traffic will come it also takes hard work like other businesses.

Before getting traffic focus on quality content, quality images, site structure, and purity of content play an imperative role because people getting better and better every day.

People don’t take it seriously that’s why they don’t get a serious result.


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