Elon Musk-The Complete Journey of a Visionary Entrepreneur

Elon Musk-The Complete Journey of a Visionary Entrepreneur

The path of an entrepreneur, not an easy one, you face an unwanted challenge, break, fail but never give up. You bear pain sleepless night and much more. Like Elon Musk the complete journey of a visionary entrepreneur.

The man behind Space X, Tesla and many more known for his unique and innovative ideas have made billions in the process. Not only succeed even got success with entirely different business ideas.

The man has the great skill set and business skills that bought him popularity in the entire world and in the row of top-notch richest person,s list.

He has great vision to change the world and humanity to solve the problem of the people. That vision made him a serial entrepreneur.

The first venture of Elon Musk was Zip2 sold to Compaq for $307 million in 1999. Then Elon Musk Co-founded PayPal. PayPal acquired by E-Bay for $1.5 billion in 2002.

The common thing is that whatever he started made it a billion dollar company in short span of time and always he touched a unique and untouched idea and always ahead of the competition, literally dominate the industry whatever it is. And every time a different industry he is a true game changer and turns the whole industry to 360 degrees.

Then Elon Musk founded SpaceX after two big failure on the third attempt he got success. In 2003 Elon Musk co-founded Tesla Motors an Electric car company.

All these discoveries and achievement got him on time magazine’s cover page and 100 most influential people in the world.

Here is the List of Reasons to Succeed

Big Vision

Elon Musk has the vision to change the world and impact on people live positively that one reason is sufficient to work on.  Then nothing can stop you from getting what you want. Whatever you say it goal dream, failure is temporary a great visionary knows well than everyone else, he don,t listen to critics, people or negativities.

He just focuses on his vision or temporary failures can’t stop them to reach the ultimate goal and Elon Musk has that vision.

Massive Action

Elon Musk personally works 100 hours in a week it’s double from a normal guy.  Vision is nothing without action Elon Musk know it very well. In his starting days, Elon lived and slept in the office with his brothers. He personally sees every minor detail and read a lot, to get the knowledge.

Never Follow The Trend

Elon Musk every time pick a unique business idea and work on it, he says that when you do that there is no competition or very less competition. He solves people’s problem in a big manner.

His all the companies are great examples of that such as SpaceX is the first private company to send spacecraft, PayPal was the one when founded of this type.

Tesla Motors is known for their sexy design and look and most efficient one in the segment and the great thing is after starting in 2003 he sold their first car in 2008. Five years for the first sale that is a great achievement.

And his all the product does not need of advertisement they always focus on innovation nothing else.

Risk Factor

Elon Musk says that start young because you have no obligation or very less.

“Once you have a family its harder to do things that might not work out.”

He put all his money in SpaceX, Tesla and Solar City all is profitable now and made him wealthier.

Don’t Fear Failure

Elon Musk never stops himself for fear of failures,

he says “If something is important enough you should try even if the probable outcome is a failure.”

Be bold and work in your own way, only work can give success, happiness financial reward, and the solve the social problems.

Learn New Skills

A person should be ready to learn a new skill every time that is one thing make a businessman successful in the endeavors.

You can see here every time Elon Musk start a new company in a different segment, he learns the important skills that required in the game.

Due to the skill set, he never stops himself to start a new company or idea. SpaceX, Tesla Motors is an example of that

Hire Talent

He never compromises with talent hire the best one, the company means the team that works together to make a product better and better.

He says “Join a group that is amazing that you really respect or if you are building a company you have got to gather great people.”

Better than the competition

To beat the competition your product should be the best ahead of the competition this is the reason Elon Musk dominate the field. The consumer wants good products and services price is not a matter of concern. This is the real example of how Tesla Motors came to its being.

If you are solving people’s problem in a big way then nobody can defeat you.

Never Give Up Attitude

Never give up attitude make you the master,  and make you a great Entrepreneur when all the things are against you, when the situation is not in your favour, when the going gets tough, when only never give up attitude saves you from bankruptcy.

When SpaceX and Tesla Motors both were on the verge of bankruptcy, Elon poured all this money from the sale of PayPal and saved both the companies from insolvency.

Perseverance and hard work make Elon Musk the great businessman of the world.

Make Profit and Invest In New Business

This is the mantra of Elon Musk, From the sale of Zip2 he got $22 million and he invests $10 million in PayPal.

Then he sold PayPal at $165 million and invested $100 million in SpaceX.

He also invests heavily in Tesla Motors and Solar City. Elon got listed in Forbes for his achievement.

Innovative Ideas

Elon an innovative personality of the world, known for innovation and make them successful not even successful but ahead of the competition, that is the skill of Elon Musk that makes him different from others.

Final Word

No Doubt Elon is unbelievable a great entrepreneur of the century to successfully follow his principles, never give up attitude, risk-taking ability, perseverance, consistency, ready to learn new skills and taking the pain in the process are virtue of him. In business and innovation, Elon Musk is ahead of Steve Jobs.

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