About the realspark.in

Hey I’m Naresh Kumar, a blogger based in India

I started as a blogger but turned my passion for writing, I run this blog to help others achieve freedom in the online field, side hustles, and passive income.

For so many years I started reading and watching YouTube videos about successful entrepreneurs, people making money online and quitting their day jobs to travel the world. It wasn’t anything I’d ever dream of doing with my life, but I kept reading.

Over time, I realized it’s possible and it’s a matter of focused work. But that’s where most people get it wrong.

Actually, in initial days you need to put in the work (for months and years) before you expect anything back like money, freedom, independence and all the other benefits.

But I stuck with that it is my passion.

I wasted a ton of time in learning, but all has now allowed me to help cut the learning curve in half and make money blogging much sooner.